Afghan Grill

Rating: ★★★★



Top: Kadoo Buranee, Bottom Left: Qabili Palao, Bottom Right: Lamb Tikka Kabob.

Afghan Grill is located at 2309 Calvert St NW in Woodley Park. I have never been to an Afghan restaurant that did not have two of the following words in its name: Afghan, Kabul, grill or kabob. Despite Afghan Grill’s typically unimaginative name, its food is definitely better than the average Afghan place (and I happen to love Afghan food). It is located in an unassuming storefront that looks a bit sketchy at first glance, but it is a warm and nicely decorated place inside, appropriate for a date (I’ve brought a date there and enjoyed it). I especially like their Qabili Palao, which is similar to Uzebek/Tajik Plov, but a bit more flavorful and refined. For those unfamiliar with Afghan food, it is a bit of a cross between Persian, South Asian, and Central Asian food (which makes a lot of geographic sense). If you’re only familiar with Indian food out of those three, it’s like a less spicy version of Indian food with a greater focus on meat, as well as pumpkin. The saffron, rosewater and cardamom ice cream is a must for dessert. 


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