La Colombe

Rating: ★★★☆☆


The setting of La Colombe really is pretty cool.

La Colombe is a cafe located at 924 Blagden Alley NW in the area of Mount Vernon Square (La Colombe has another location at 6th and I, as well as other locations in Philly, Chicago and NYC). La Colombe is situated in an undoubtedly cool location in an industrial/warehouse space in a small back alley. I visited on a rainy day, which gave a particularly awesome effect to the space. They have a good menu of single origin pour-over coffee, but it’s pricey pricey pricey (they start at $5 and go up to $7). I 12650228_10153931205458011_462451670_ncan get a much more extensive selection of pour-overs at Qualia Coffee in Petworth for significantly less. I ended up going for one of their drip coffees instead, which was solid. I also had a croissant which was decent (by US standards) but wasn’t the freshest. 

By far the biggest flaw of the place is how ill-suited it is to lingering and working on a laptop. Outlets are very limited and there is no WiFi. Seriously?! The coffee is that expensive but they can’t even throw us coffee shop bums a bone and provide WiFi? I understand that some cafes, like Tryst and The Potter’s House don’t


It’s not as if the lack of WiFi is encouraging people to converse…

have WiFi during some weekend hours. Fine. But it strikes me as nuts to not have it at all. It’s not as though La Colombe is a space that is conducive to conversation; it only has small tables that are well-suited to one or two people working on laptops. In fact, that’s exactly what most people there were doing. I guess they were either working offline, were using Xfinity WiFi or had personal hotspots on their phones. If that’s the atmosphere anyway, just provide WiFi (or at least on weekdays)! I want to love La Colombe; the space is one of the coolest of all the coffee shops in town, the staff are friendly and my coffee was good. But without WiFi and with coffee that pricey, it just isn’t the whole package for me.

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