Rating: ★★★★★

12656442_10153929513088011_1096391505_oSlipstream is a cafe and cocktail bar located at 333 14th St NW near Logan Circle. It is a sleek place with a cool coffee and tea menu alongside an innovative cocktail menu. It is not a lounge in an armchair kind of coffee shop, but it is a good place to work with a laptop; tables and outlets are plentiful. At the recommendation of the very knowledgeable barista, I first ordered their seasonal special, the Blood Orange Vanilla Latte (espresso, homemade blood


The Blood Orange Vanilla Latte.

orange marmalade and vanilla bean). It was totally delicious (it probably helps that I like the combination of orange and chocolate so orange and coffee wasn’t much of a stretch). I also had the Holy Basil tea, which contains basil, lemon and rose petals. It was tasty and far more interesting than the average tea selection at other cafes. The barista also told me that they make their own cashew/almond milk blend from scratch, which is pretty awesome. In all, this is one of the better cafes I’ve been to in DC and I can’t really find any serious negatives.


The Holy Basil Tea


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