Keren Restaurant

Rating: ★★★★


A tasty injera plate.

Keren Restaurant is an Eritrean restaurant (Eritrean and Ethiopian food are essentially the same; they were once one country) located at 1780 Florida Ave NW right on the border of the Dupont area and Adams Morgan. In a city full of Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants, Keren offers the same perennially popular injera platters and beef tibsy, but they seem to be particularly tasty at Keren. But what distinguishes Keren from many other Ethiopian/Eritrean places is that it also has an array of Eritrean breakfast items, which mainly center around fuul (warm fava beans- also highly popular in the Middle East) and eggs. Fuul with eggs and injera (you can add meat as

11705779_10153536734118011_3014549826221631854_o (1)

A hearty breakfast of fuul, eggs, injera and salad.

well) makes for a satisfying breakfast with an East African twist. Don’t worry if you’re not a morning person; Keren’s breakfast items are available all day, which also makes it an option for brunch for those looking for something a bit different. Tasty Eritrean tea is also available. The service is friendly and prices are very reasonable- breakfast dishes start at $5 and an injera platter with beef tibsi is only $8.63. I once went on a date here with an absolute psychopath, but that fortunately didn’t color my view of Keren– this place is great.




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