Juan Valdez Café

Rating: ★★★★☆

12656409_10153924659548011_1681312260_oJuan Valdez Café is a Colombian coffee chain (started by Colombia’s  with locations in DC, NYC and Miami. Its DC location is in Foggy Bottom at 1889 F St NW. Juan Valdez Café offers Latin American coffee options, such as Café Cubano (espresso sweetened with raw sugar as it is brewed) and coffee with cardamom, that are difficult to find elsewhere in the city.  There is standard cafe fare, like muffins, but they also have Latin American options


Pan guava.

like Pan Guava, a guava-filled pastry. My Café Cubano was very tasty (if you like sweet coffee)- it’s a bit like having Turkish Coffee but without the mud at the bottom. The Pan Guava was also pretty good though I found the filling a little syrupy. The cardamom coffee seemed a bit weak at first but grew on me as the cardamom steeped longer in the coffee. My time in the Middle East has made me a huge cardamom addict. It is a fine place to hang out for a while with a laptop, but it is not the coziest. It is a chain and feels like


Café Cubano.

one, and lacks the character and cushy armchairs of other DC cafes like Tryst. That aside, it’s a good place to go if you want a coffee shop that offers something a bit different from the standard fare and it certainly attracts a diverse crowd of people from all over the world (whom I figure work at the nearby Bretton Woods institutions). Be aware that it’s only open weekdays, during the day.


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