China Boy

Rating: ★★★★☆


Clockwise from top left: Chinatown’s “Friendship Archway,” China Boy’s sketchy, hand-drawn menu, China Boy’s tasty beef chow fun, and China Boy’s exterior.

China Boy (yes, it’s actually called that) is a hole in the wall Chinese place located at 817 6th St NW in Chinatown. Those of you who know DC well will know that DC has a shortage of good Chinese food in its small (and generally disappointing Chinatown). I stumbled upon China Boy because it’s one of the only places in Chinatown that gets good reviews on Yelp. China Boy is a pretty dumpy-looking, tiny place (there’s one round table if you insist on eating there, but it’s mainly a carryout) that is known for one thing: it’s chow fun. The noodles are made in-house and the chow fun is delightfully greasy, rich and in huge portions (one container for $10 really serves two). At my previous job, I used to host “Chow Fun Fridays” with chow fun from China Boy. One of my colleagues was pregnant at the time and China Boy’s chow fun became her pregnancy craving. The noodles here are undeniably tasty, but it’s a pretty sketchy-looking place, so don’t go here on your next date (or at all if you’re squeamish).


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