Rating: ★★★★★



Flaky samsas (or sambusas as they’re called in Tajikistan) are a satisfying comfort food.

RuzUz is an Uzbek and Russian Restaurant located at 1000 N Randolph St in Ballston. In the interest of full disclosure, I spent a summer in Tajikistan, which has food that is very similar to Uzbek food. I have a soft spot for the region’s cuisine, and have only tried their Uzbek food, not their Russian food. I recommend their mantoo (meat dumplings), samsas (ground meat samosas), compot (a sweet, refreshing fruit drink) and plov (rice pilaf with lamb and carrots). The food is hearty and satisfying, though nothing fancy. Service is good, and the decor is pleasant, featuring scenes from Uzbekistan and the traditional Central Asian blue and white china that is in the design of a cotton plant. The place is good, though I must admit I gave it five stars partially because it is so nice to have a place to go for solid Central Asian fare in the DC area. It’s definitely worth a trip for those looking to try new cuisines.




Pictured here are plov (called “osh plov” simply “osh” in Tajik, which means “rice food”) is the traditional banquet dish of Central Asia. It is heavy, oily and satisfying. There is a traditional side salad as well, plus compot, a sweet fruit drink.


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