Qualia Coffee

Rating: ★★★★★



Cute cats are always a plus.

Qualia Coffee, located at 3917 Georgia Ave NW, is a small, but excellent coffee shop. It’s one of my favorites in DC because of their focus on serving a wide range of high-quality coffees. There are several single-origin coffees to choose from from all over the world. You pick out which beans you want and then they grind them for you while you wait. They use a “robo-pour” machine that performs the same function that a barista would if they were preparing pour-over coffee by hand. Prices are more reasonable than they are for pour-over coffees at many other places. The staff is consistently upbeat, friendly and fun. They stayed open during Snowzilla, 2016, providing those able to make the trek over with hot drinks and a friendly vibe. They also do a surprisingly good bagel and lox, which is important to me as a Long Island native. Seating is fairly sparse downstairs, but there is additional seating available upstairs.


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