Lezo’s Taqueria

Rating: ★★★★☆



Left: Cabeza de Res (beef head). Right: Chicharrón en Salsa con Nopales (pork skin in salsa with cactus).

Lezo’s Taqueria is a hole in the wall Mexican place located at 3213 Mt Pleasant St NW. This place is not Taco Bell; it is authentic and boasts a menu of tacos, tamales, and tostadas for the adventurous palate. Options include Lengua de Res (beef tongue), Cabeza de Res (beef head), Barbacoa de Borrego (barbecue lamb), Chicharrón en Salsa (Pork Skin in Salsa), and much more. The place has no ambiance, but you’re there for the food, not the ambiance. Prices are cheap ($3 per taco plus $1 extra if you want to add nopales). Service was quick, though the meat on my tacos should have been a bit hotter when I got it. All in all a good spot for cheap, quick, authentic Mexican fare.


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