Cheers@The Big Chair

Rating: ★★★★☆



The potent “Anacostia River”- gin, rum, sour mix and Pepsi.

Cheers@The Big Chair is a bar, cafe and restaurant located at 2122 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE located across from the Big Chair in Historic Anacostia. For those unfamiliar with the Big Chair, it is (you guessed it) a really big chair that was installed in 1959 by Bassett Furniture, and was the largest chair in the world at the time of its installation. The cafe itself is a friendly locals’ watering hole that serves up mediocre coffee but tasty cocktails at a popular happy hour. Similar to other Historic Anacostia establishments, the place has an “everybody knows each other” vibe, which is a refreshing change from Downtown DC. This place gets four stars for their simple, but tasty and potent “Anacostia River” cocktail made with gin, rum, sour mix and a splash of Pepsi. It’s kind of like an Anacostia take on a Long Island Iced Tea. Downstairs is noisy with loud, upbeat hip hop music but there is a quieter upstairs where you can chat or even work on a laptop.



  1. Savannah · February 5, 2016

    MY experience at Cheers was delightful! The drinks were great and the service was super!!! Shout out to the bartender, Nicole for making me feel like a regular before I decided to actually become one. They will definitely know me by name.

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